Sunday coming down

Yes, it’s that time of day here down South. Darkness has fallen and we’ve got a fire going because our houses are not built for the cold. So go ahead and enjoy the Summer and all my friends enjoying 4th of July celebrations, you can listen to this later if you like since you’ve got a long weekend. Whatever you are all doing tomorrow, have a special week ahead.

Today I thought I’d pick out some of the Shirley’s I know and share their perspectives on love. It’s always about love isn’t it and what people will do for love – so listen up and enjoy these classic songs. You got another Shirley out there – add her to my list.

Peace and Happiness Y’all🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈




8 thoughts on “Sunday coming down

  1. OKaaaaaaaaaY!!!!!!
    Chevvy is NOT even playing! Talk about versatility? Whaaaa?
    You went from Shirley Jones to the incomparable Ms. Shirley Bassey!
    Girl you bad!!!!
    And that’s good!

    But the killing part was Shirley’s talk with Barbara!!! YAAAASSSS!

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    1. I’m that bad huh! All those Shirleys are a blast. If you take all the right and wrong of the song, my favourite was Shirley Murdoch’s “As we lay” I killed that song in my car so many times, sounds good on all speakers and she sings with such spirit and passion. The first one just hits a sentimental note everytime.
      And Ms Bassey – She ought to be Lady S. This was my other favorite song of hers:

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      1. Yes honey Ms. Murdoch killed ‘As we Lay.’
        I also loved “Go on Without you.” Baby she murdered that one. It should have been on My jams ’85 but it will go on ’86 because that’s when I rocked it!
        By the way, I would have thought that Ms. Bassey would have received some royal commendation because she is the business!
        Going to peep the video
        Oh here’s Go on Without you:

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