The faces of Egypt: Part 3

Following a hectic schedule of visits to monuments of Egypt like the Luxor Temple and the Pharoahs’ tombs of ancient Egypt in the Valley of the kings, it was a more leisurely experience to sail across the Nile on an early morning to visit a nearby Nubian village.

As described in the Huffington Post of June 2015:

“The Nubians are one of the oldest civilizations in the world, having lived alongside the Nile river in what is now southern Egypt and northern Sudan for thousands of years.

Today, most Nubians live on the fringes of society in Egypt. Nubian communities have been forced to leave their homes near the river to make way for reservoirs and dams several times in the past 100 years.”

Straight after breakfast, we left the luxury of the hotel in a small boat that took us to a humble Nubian village which was just waking from sleep.

EGYPT 2010 212_1024

Our entry into the village was met with this sight of Egyptian flat bread casually laid out in the sun to rise before being placed in the outdoor clay oven.

EGYPT 2010 229_1024

EGYPT 2010 230_1024

It was a gorgeous sunny day and the lush agricultural patch, gave one a feeling of escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

EGYPT 2010 243_1024 Fields comprised of corn,date palms and banana trees

EGYPT 2010 234_1024

EGYPT 2010 241_1024

The buildings were a mixture of very old humble dwellings with a number of new constructions underway. Among these, an example of Nubian architecture.

EGYPT 2010 235_1024

EGYPT 2010 238_1024

EGYPT 2010 236_1024

EGYPT 2010 237_1024

The captain of our boat had told us to come prepared with plenty of sweets which we doled out to children who ran to meet us, straight from their sleep.

EGYPT 2010 233_1024

A waiter from our hotel, welcomed us in to his home for a glass of Egyptian tea. The dining room was set up to accommodate about 25 members  of his family.

EGYPT 2010 245_1024

EGYPT 2010 247_1024

Leaving this place to return to the buzz of tourist hotels seemed a shame when this humble setting presented such a restful feeling. Of course that is an illusion in many ways, since it was evident that life here was about subsistence living.

EGYPT 2010 252_1024

EGYPT 2010 254_1024

Thank you for reading this post and I look forward to you joining me for Part 4 in Dahab which is situated on the shores of the Red Sea.