Sunday coming down

As the sun goes down and you prepare for the week ahead join me in listening to one of my favorite R&B Divas. She comes a long way in the music business and will soon be playing on our stages in Mid July. I can’t do her justice with three songs so if you’re a fan, free free to add your personal favorites. Have a awesome week ahead! Chevvy


15 thoughts on “Sunday coming down

    1. Oh that’s great. The one which brings back memories for me which I might share at the camp, is “Show me the way” But in our household, I’m the one crazy about the quality of sound and when shopping for sound, I use two of her songs to test – Lazy Afternoon and For the love of you. When she’s really sounding smooth, I know I’ve got the right sound. I just love her voice!

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    1. Ah – that’s a shame. But I guess there’s the performer element beyond a good voice. I found for example a difference between Lionel Ritchie and George Benson.Lionel definitely the better performer in engaging the audience.

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  1. As for some favorites, I have a couple to add:

    First, “After The Love Has Lost Its Shine”

    “Make It Like It Was”

    “Don’t Let Go”

    “Be In Love Again”

    Okay, that’s a couple more than a couple. Oops…

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