Sunday coming down

Here’s hoping that all the Dad’s out there have had/ will be having a great Father’s day and as usual here’s wishing you all a great week ahead. For today’s song selection, I’ve chosen an artist who is a family favourite and played at a live performance here on Sunday last week. He received rave reviews from the audience.I was sorry we couldn’t go since we had already lined up George Benson. The next best thing I’ve chosen is to host him in my Studio. Please enjoy SEAL with me!

Seal 1

These three songs are among our family favourites.

 Then as a bonus – this one for the Dad’s out there:This is Man’s



3 thoughts on “Sunday coming down

  1. This is goooooood! I love Seal. “A Kiss from a Rose.” YAAASSSS!

    When my grandfather (who is pictured with my Dad in my post today) passed away, I was so very hurt. At the time, I remember listening to Seal’s “A prayer for the dying” and I would just cry and cry and cry. The words were just so meaningful and relevant. I am about to cry thinking about it now.

    Anyway, back to Seal, I also love his version of Al Green’s “Still in love with you.” I think that he really did that song justice.

    Thanks again Chevvy! You pulled my heartstrings today 🙂

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    1. Hopefully it’s a good sad that you are reminded of. I’ve heard the song Prayer before dying but I guess,you appreciate the meaning more when you make the kind of association you have. You are a sensitive soul. I’m so hoping that you are going to find what you are looking for.

      Unlike our generation, my children don’t go for my music much though I think that they will remember it when they are older as we do around the camp fire. So Seal is one of those artists that we all love. This song below is another that I find quite haunting and when I introduced it to my children, they loved it. It’s a British artist named Mozez. I loved the song so much that I named my previous blog after it.

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      1. Thank you for your well wishes. Yes, I am a sensitive soul; which explains my tendency to lean more towards being an introvert.
        My son loves all of the old music, he actually prefers it to today’s stuff. Isn’t that strange? Don’t get me wrong, he has his current favorites but he tends to be more retrospective when it comes to music.
        I’ll take a listen to Mozez. Thanks for the intro!

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