Never give up on a good thing!


Tribute to George Benson

In keeping with my promise to pay tribute to great icons while they are still with us, this post is in honour of the Great George Benson who played for us last night in Johannesburg. Now 73 years old, he is still as smooth as ever in his delivery of many of his greatest hits. When I look at his discography, I realise that he had a hit out for many momentous occasions in my life.

He wooed us with lots of romantic ballads, got us on our feet with his more upbeat songs and left us all feeling good with that great taste of nostalgia. I’ve just picked out a few of the jams he played last night. I’m bringing this to you on our “Youth day” public holiday which is the 40th anniversary of one of the massacres we suffered on the road to democracy and freedom. The great thing about that hard won freedom is that George Benson got to play to a very mixed audience which wouldn’t have been possible in 1976.

george benson 1

george benson 2

So my friend Lady G will be pleased to know that among the first songs he played last night was this one which was released in 1982 – Listen up for the great lyrics!

And here was a song to serenade to the lovers in the house y’all !

And this one – this one just makes me want to rewind the clock! And of course you can’t       sit down to this one !

I just loved this version of Stevie Wonder’s “Lately”

Of course this show would not have been complete without my favourite: “Masquerade”

Finally, to get us on our feet again – what better than this gem? We had a different                 drummer but he was great – check out the drumming at the end here.




10 thoughts on “Never give up on a good thing!

    1. Oh yes, it was great though looking around, I think the average age was at least 40 to get in 😀 He did lots of ballads so it was a great “Chillin” evening. I think everyone had an awesome time and at 73 the man is looking good, singing, strumming and scatting as ever before 😀

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  1. Chevy…..
    That’s my girl right there! Do you hear me! Ask and you shall receive! I cannot believe that “Never give up on a good thing” was among the first songs played!

    To me that is a sign from the heavens!

    I was thinking about how lucky you were and praying that y’all had a good time! Thanks for the pics, he looks really good to be 73. I had no idea he was that old, but when you think about it he has to be.

    Thanks again Chevvy! This was awesome!!!

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    1. Now that you mention it, maybe it is sign from the heavens. Yes, I also didn’t think he was that age already.But there aint nothing wrong with his voice. Anyway, my entertainment budget is up for now😀
      Girl -check out the drummer at the end of on Broadway – he be cool😀

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