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Shout out to Thumbs Up for making me laugh! I thought this was lots of fun worth sharing. Join the fun and find out what your birthday says about you. Mine is kinda true and I’m married to a gangsta! Yo- Potent! Enjoy y’all!

The playground

Yo, what the fuck yo’ goddamn birth month says ’bout yo’ goddamn personality?

Dat shit says my fuckin’ personality be:

From january ta december, each month has a special meanin’. What the fuckz > yours?

Have a great evenin’ yo’ all!

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18 thoughts on “From playbuzz

          1. Yo there biatch. I just woke the fuck up, sittin’ here drinkin’ coffee tryin’ ta wake the fuck up N’ therez ain’t nuthin’ but tha coffeez workin’ slowly today. Yo’ call me whateva yo’ want. I’ll be happy wit’ whateva. Yo’ have a great day biatch!


    1. Take my lust and your pimping and what do we have – Geez. I’ll read up on yours. I Know T is a Gangsta – Where will Ron fall?😀


  1. Hi Chevvy… Ahhh… we June babies just lovin’ to be loved….
    Thanks for this one…. twas fun…. Now I’m reading everyone else’s… and having a good laugh.
    Hope your day has been most beautiful and Happy Birthday wherever it falls… of course that ‘lust’ factor always helps the ‘happy’…

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    1. Hello Michael, so nice to hear from you. So you’re a June baby as well. Is your birthday still ahead?
      Glad you enjoyed the fun and probably all the fun comments as well😀 I’m doing well.

      Just returned from a live George Benson show which was great. I hope you’re doing a lot better. I need to look you up anyway. Now you take care of the lust for life – promise? 😀


  2. Yes, Chevvy I am definitely a gangsta! Hahaha

    I did have a massive record collection, then a massive cd collection, now a massive list of digital files. Someone else might have to speak on the flirting part ;), and I don’t really think of myself as outgoing; more so an introvert. And no wicked hottie, as of yet. But hey, these things can be amusing, and like most of them, some of it might be true, and some is probably way off. LOL

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    1. I’m glad you played along T – it was just fun – some things might resonate but I’m sure we are quite different from these profile. If you’re an introvert, you might not go for the wicked hottie ha!ha!ha!

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