The Letter

Montreux & Paris 2010 063_1024


Dear Love

By the time you receive my letter, I will have arrived. It’s so

beautiful here. The ocean’s so blue, the sky so clear, the air

 so fresh. I feel I can breathe again, so alive again- thanks to you!


I never thought I would love again and there you were, sent

like an angel, to heal my broken heart. In another place and

time, we must have been together. What else could explain

that magic in your touch, that breathtaking kiss. I wish I could

have known every inch of you. But as we agreed, that would

have been a mistake- there would have been no turning back.


I had seen it in your eyes-the hurt and the pain. You’d always

be thinking of her – your first love again. I’m the kind of woman

who wants to be loved completely-mind, body and soul. You

gave me that in the few hours we spent together. I will forever

treasure those precious moments with you. How you looked at

me after that single kiss, like someone in another realm. That’s

precisely how I felt – you had touched a part of me that no one

else had ever been.


But we both agreed to remember it just like this. That first time, complete

and unspoiled – no fuss, no fight.


One day I’ll return to the restaurant, the one with Miles’ old trumpet,

  a plaque on the wall . When I look at it, I’ll be with you 

 and you with me. I’ve listened to that CD you bought

with the song you dedicated to me and I cried until there were no tears

left to cry. I hope you are happy my love and when you play the music I gave

you, you’ll know that this was how it was meant to be.


We knew from the start, that instant connection. I’ve saved that memory

for a rainy day. But right now, I’m smiling at the thought of you – those

precious hours that some never have in a lifetime – I had them with you.

My love for you was bigger than me, so I gave it back to you – that’s what

true lovers do.


Goodbye my love