I love all of you

Montreux & Paris 2010 155_1024

Some people blow into your life

like a gust of wind, fanning flames

to live dangerously.

You have done that to me.


Some people glint on sun rays

bringing shining light and warmth,

filling your heart with love.

You’ve given that to me.


Some people drift in like soft rain

sprinkling your thirsty soul,

helping you feel whole again.

You’ve saturated me.


Some people glide and slide

skating in snow and on thin ice,

testing the adventure in you.

You’ve taken those risks with me.


Some people glow in the dark

shadowing moon- ambience’s light,

they serenade you with music’s delight,

You’ve sung those high notes to me.


Some people dress for changing weather

Teasing me in playing hide and seek,

they hang on to my every word

searching for my hidden truth.


I love all of you