Compilation of 10 of my 50 word stories

#1: When it’s over

Suitcase stuffed with clothes

Awkward silence yawned across empty spaces of their

receding youth.

Eroding traces of faded love clung like bad memories

on gilded portraits and haphazard photographs.

He glanced at the bulging suitcases that would take half his life away.

She left without saying goodbye.

In silent relief, he dialled the number.

#2: Serendipity

train track 2

She picked up on the first ring.

For a moment they both stumbled over their words.

Life was giving them both a second chance.

He smiled as he remembered how they met.

He wouldn’t have been on that train if not for the accident.

“Was it an accident?” he wondered.


#3 Diverging Paths

Woman with suitcasw

She hadn’t said goodbye, did not look back.

Too painful. The good years seemed so distant.

She was leaving a man she no longer knew.

She wasn’t that doe-eyed girl, his young bride.

Tradition, responsibility, pride had held her captive.


When last had the sun felt so bright and liberating ?


#4:  The Accident

woman on train 2

Another nightmare.

Loops of the horrific accident that had snatched her husband.

She had overslept, arriving just in time for the later train.

Then she heard the screech of metal, shattering glass.

Woke with whimpering cries.

He reached over instinctively, held her trembling hands.

His tender touch was her unravelling


#5:  Fate played a hand

couple embracing

He hummed as he shaved and pondered: “Fate had brought

them together.”

Seated next to her when she started crying .

Taking her shaking hands had sent pulses through

  his own deep longing.

She clung to him, hungry for comfort.

She melted into the heat of his unspent love.

#6:  The Pilgrimage

Woman walking the trail 2

It felt good to walk at her own pace,

pausing to catch her breath and admire another view.

This pilgrimage helped clear her mind.

On the treadmill of their lives,

they grew to want different things.

She was pragmatic. He yearned for adventure.

Their lines had long been disconnected.



#7:  The music of love

hands 2

Coffee– spilt accidentally over his

suit, led to him being late for his train.

She still marvelled at how the touch of his hand

had soothed her raw emptiness.

When he held her, it was like the merging of souls.

The symphonic music of love-

an umbilical chord– still– uncut.


#8:   Full Moon Tonight

full moon

Driving to her apartment to celebrate!

After twenty years of marriage,

Puzzling how it had crumbled so insidiously.

That naive young bride, now a law professor!

Itinerant strangers, feeling the gaping chasm

Behind in-different rooms and nods,

Occasional mechanical love.

He was leaving it behind!


 The full moon ascended ahead.


#9:  Leaving is always difficult

Paris & Montreux Jazz Festival 2012 428_1024

Her first and only love, best friend–

torn from her instantly in that accident. 

In a stranger’s embrace, months

of her grief surged as he mirrored

her own stirring and desperate longing.

Synchronicity perhaps? 

She agreed to have coffee in the next town.

They talked for hours.


Leaving was difficult…

10#:  A Second Chance

couple 1

Her text message read like a telegram.

Champagne. Your song. Waiting. Come.

His heartbeat raced as it did on their

first date.

The door opened. Her smile golden, glowing.

His favorite song playing.

Fool that he was, he still loved her.


She had taught him– what true love really meant