50 Word Story #10 : A second chance

Dear Friends – Here is my final 50 word story in this series. Those who have been following closely and egged me on will know that the stories are linked through 10 episodes which are told from different perspectives. Thank you for the encouragement – I’ve enjoyed the ride  (on the train) and hope you have too – especially if you were filling in the spaces with your own imagination.

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couple 1

Her text message read like a telegram.

Champagne. Your song. Waiting. Come.

His heartbeat raced as it did on their

first date.

The door opened. Her smile golden, glowing.

His favorite song playing.

Fool that he was, he still loved her.


She had taught him– what true love really meant





8 thoughts on “50 Word Story #10 : A second chance

  1. I knew it! I knew it! I just knew it!

    You should have seen me jump up on my bed when I saw this!!!! I just knew it! I love the ending and I love your song pick. It was one of my jams!

    LOVE iT!!!

    Brava Chevvy! Brava!

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    1. Yeah, I thought the song was most appropriate and it came to me after I concluded the story.
      Thing is, I know a number of people who after many chances have had to give it up- then I think what a waste of time. But this was a good exercise even for me. Thanks for following all along Joan and for your encouragement and enthusiasm.😀

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