50 word story #6: The pilgrimage

Woman walking the trail 2

It felt good to walk at her own pace,

pausing to catch her breath and admire another view.

This pilgrimage helped clear her mind.

On the treadmill of their lives,

they grew to want different things.

She was pragmatic. He yearned for adventure.

Their lines had long been disconnected.



5 thoughts on “50 word story #6: The pilgrimage

    1. Oh I think it could easily be one or the other who needed to go. I was thinking of the the Santiago de Compostela trail which runs from the Pyrenees in France and ends in Spain. It keeps coming up through different people I meet. I once met a man from Brazil who had just been and he romantacised it so that I would love to go.
      People go there from all over the world – many who are needing some soul reflection when there is change in their lives. It’s a 4o day hike. The picture I used is from the trail.

      Yes – that liberation can feel good – got that feeling when I left my last job last year:-)

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