She is no stranger…

woman in dark cloak

She visits me without warning

sweeping in, wearing her dark hooded cloak,

instantly paralysing all my faculties

as her opiate smothers  my senses.


She turns off my music, steals my appetite,

casts an eclipsed shadow of despair over me.

Sometimes she slips stealthily into my dreams,

walking me through a daze of dim empty rooms.


Some of them familiar, stark and solemn,

abandoned grey walls encroaching in.

Then we’re walking the unruly garden,

the open space surprises and  excites me.


When she leaves, Sun slowly returns–

trading smiles and agile footsteps

as I walk through brightly-lit aisles,

shopping for a new chance at happiness.


Buying stones and trinkets to keep her away,

still convincing myself that she will not return.

Then she is suddenly  there, painting my walls black.

Restless in pace, l still cannot see her face.


She effaces good memories and mists up–

my promising thoughts, drowning me

with rivers of tears and unsolicited fears.

Still I rise, fending her off with bright smiles.


In the distance, He reaches out to me

reminding me that I am not alone.

Patience and Hope are on their way,

Faith enters the room with his armour.