50 word story #2: Serendipity

#2train track 2

 She picked up on the first ring.

 For a moment they both stumbled over their words.

 Life was giving them both a second chance.

 He smiled as he remembered how they met.

 He wouldn’t have been on that train if not for the accident.

“Was it an accident?” he wondered.







15 thoughts on “50 word story #2: Serendipity

  1. Amazing how much you can fit in 50 little words! The train appears in yet another poem. Hmmm. This chance meeting sounds like a collision with serendipity to me! Have a great day, Chevvy! 🙂

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    1. I guess I like the symbol of energy, movement, changing destinations and choices that trains offer. Yeah, you can’t say a lot in 50 words so each word must “count” pardon the pun. So look out for the play on words. I was tempted to do a short story but might stay with this one a bit further. As for serendipity versus chance, you’ll have to tell me 😀

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  2. Oh girl now tell me was it an accident?

    I see you followed up!
    Chevvy I just can’t with you girl !
    You are something else doll!

    You still got me wanting more! Be careful! I might pick you to pieces!

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    1. ha!ha! – you want to turn me into a soap opera writer. Well since you encouraged me to continue,look out for episode 3. The accident thing – I’ll have to keep you in suspense a bit longer😀

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        1. ha!ha!ha! – I’m delaying the gratification here. Check out my latest post – thought you’d want to hear the story from different perspectives. Of course, I have no idea where it’s headed at the moment 😉

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    1. Yeah if this was a complete short story I’d ask you to wait for weekly episodes. Since I’m limited to 50 words, I’ll have to give daily snippets. This episode is part 2 to my previous short story post. Glad to have you following this T. 🙂

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      1. The thing is though, these ARE complete short stories. Longer short stories also leave the reader wanting more. Our imagination must suffice for any further information we feel we need! 🙂

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        1. Yes, although I’m experimenting with making them feed off each other, I am also trying to make then stand alone. I agree that they offer the reader an opportunity to ponder the few thoughts/moral of the story and formulate their own conclusions.

          But it’s great to know that either way, one can create that suspense:-)

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