It was too late (50 word story)

woman on a train

A heaviness constricted his heart as he pushed and shoved against

swirls of people. Anonymous faces, vacant and blank stares left him

feeling the emptiness of crowds that followed blindly. He searched

desperately for that familiar face.

She was on the train

 wistfully gazing at him,

 wrenching a deep groan.


16 thoughts on “It was too late (50 word story)

    1. I actually wrote this a while ago and wanted to put it to the test again since I might want to dabble in writing prose a bit. I always feel sorry for the guy in this story – he took his time and lost the prize 🙂

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          1. I read each one of these and I love them. I might try my hand at that.
            “Looking in the mirror, she reflected”
            I love the depth that in each one but that one resonated with me most.

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    1. Yes, I think that’s the beauty of these stories. In being brief, they give the reader rubric to fashion their own story or alternatively as you say – they can be the framework or introduction for a book:-) I love having you here, thank you for your visit Maniparna. Best. Chevvy

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