50 Word story #1- When it’s over

Suitcase stuffed with clothes

Awkward silence yawned across empty spaces of their receding youth.

Eroding traces of  faded love clung like bad memories on gilded portraits and haphazard photographs. He glanced at the bulging suitcases that would take half his life away.

She left without saying goodbye.

In silent relief, he dialled the number.





23 thoughts on “50 Word story #1- When it’s over

    1. Thank you Sweetheart – I think so too. Best thing about this story is that I felt like I was right there – looking at all the signs of neglect and despair in those rooms. Of course you can have a number of guesses to who he might be calling and where she is going – maybe I should come up with a part II. What do you say Lady G?

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    1. Finally,finally got you commenting on my writing – well I’ll be damned or blessed. Thanks Tracy. (I’m sure I got a bit of help from Maysa) Now while you are here I’d like to challenge you to write a poem. You are a good writer, no doubt you have plenty to write about, I would love to see a poem by you:-)

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      1. Aww, I’m sorry Chevvy! I like your poems, I just haven’t said anything because I don’t really know what to say. As to writing a poem, you and another blogger have suggested that I try to write one so I will give it a shot.

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        1. Oh no! – don’t feel bad about not commenting but I know that you have poem or two in you so I look forward to that😀 Btw, I’ll be posting some guidelines on compiling our list of Soul/R&B vocalists on yours and Gwin’s “About” page later in the day.

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            1. For sure, I’ve seen the success from similar encouragement to another blogger friend was not a writer at all. So – you do write very well – natural progression….

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                1. Hi Tracy – Here is the link to my About page for the “guidelines” Please respond on that page. Please excuse the formatting which went a bit Wonky. 🙂


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