The Desiderata of Blogging


Go placidly amidst the posting,

commenting and liking of other blogs.

As far as possible– be on good terms

with all your blogger friends.

Speak your truth to yourself–

telling them only what they want to hear,

even those who annoy you by

reblogging what they haven’t read

to steal your hits and your likes.

Avoid busybody bloggers

who stalk you from their toilets–

never reading a thing you wrote.

They are shallow irritations to your art.

If you compare yourself to how

many followers they each have

or how fast their likes tally upwards,

you may as well close down your blog

since you will become morbid

and feel cheated for the work you put in.

Enjoy each comment and view

since it means someone has read you.

Keep interested in what made you blog

initially,however often or simply you blog.

It is a real achievement just to have posted.

Exercise caution in what you share–

your mother-in-law  may be a follower too.

Yet don’t be afraid to post your thoughts

otherwise you might as well write in your dairy.

Especially, be yourself, don’t pretend to be Prince.

Show your face behind the mask if that will help.

Do not press “like” when you do not understand

what the writer is trying to say.

Remember that they may catch you out

in their reply to your comment.

Take kindly the advice of other bloggers

especially if they have stood the test of time.

Nurture the strength of your ego to not

believe that everyone is writing about you.

They too have many flaws of their own.

So don’t stress with dark imaginings.

It’s not always about you, just sometimes

Practice discipline – you don’t have to

blog every hour or only once a month.


You are a child of the universe, not less

than the trees and the stars they all write about.

Regardless of which country you are from

you have a right to blog if you’ve paid WP.

And whether you have 5 followers or 1000

be content that your word is out there.

With all its faults, the internet takes you

to places you’ve never been and even if

you’d rather write a letter, nothing beats

a reply in an instant from a stranger

you don’t even know.

Keep peace in the knowledge

that each of your likes counts and let that

thought make you cheerful. Be happy!