Saturday with Santana




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    1. Oh yes, I know and glad you like my choice. I recall listening to the Black Magic CD in the 80s everyday for a season – songs like Oyo Como va, Jingo. One of my other favorites is Samba pa ti .
      Btw, I was listening to a radio programme last night where they were celebrating Stevie Wonder by pitting his version of songs with other artists. One of those was Gangsta’s paradise – I hadn’t known that he had tried that out. I think my view there was to leave hip hop to the hip hoppers:-)


        1. Oops! I think shot off on something I don’t know – didn’t mean any offence. I just listened to the song properly and clearly got my wires crossed. There is no comparison. Sorry:-)

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          1. No problem, Chevvy. I didn’t mean to make it sound like I was offended. If I’m not mistaken, Stevie has performed the song with Coolio on stage before, so he apparently doesn’t take offense either. I was just making sure that you knew they were two different songs, but that Coolio’s borrows from Stevie.

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            1. Yeah I’m sorry again, I know how passionate you are about music and your knowledge thereof. You are right, I didn’t know there was a difference – I had been listening from a distance anyway. Now may I please stop cowering and stand up straight? 🙂

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  1. Chevvy, Chevvy, my dear Chevvy!

    This is the beginning of a lovely relationship; this thing between you and me!

    I cannot believe that you posted these. I love Santana but I did not know that he had done a remake of “She’s not there.” That is one of my favorite songs. I also love “While my guitar gently weeps.” Naturally, that one makes me think of Eric Clapton which then leads me to my favorite Beatle, the quite one, George Harrison.

    Excellent post!

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