Flowers and butterfly wings

butterfly 2

Mine is a restless one

still searching for what was

what was meant to be

and what might yet be


Perhaps I’m just a dreamer

but that’s fine with me

to believe my other half

is out there searching for me


It might just be that time

when these things start to matter

where you’ve lived and done

most of it all, yet there’s this quest


Then someone sent a reminder

that showed you what’s possible

something you had been missing

and did not realize until you met


So yes, there is contentment

in the many gifts that life brings

the bees and flowers and things

and beautiful butterflies with wings


But still someone whispers

that this is not enough

You might be disappointed –

but the feeling doesn’t quite stop


That while the dice has been cast

not everything is made out to last

Would you rather wallow in a black hole

or try finding that other piece of your soul?