Rising…above the flaws

rose 2

The flaws of humanity–

shredded and torn

tied and knotted

then stitched together

again and again


The flaws of humanity–

stripped and folded

bundled and bartered

then dealing the currency

again and again


The flaws of humanity–

belong to each of us

blood-curdled hands

in marching or folded arms

again and again


Yet still we rise above–

some seek a higher purpose

kissing our blemishes

our bruises and flaws

again and again




8 thoughts on “Rising…above the flaws

    1. Thank you Kunal – hope I’m not distracting you from TV – ha!ha! wasn’t sure that I should post a serious poem on a Friday night but as you see, there is a positive end which is the perspective I like to take when things get rough. Enjoy your weekend!

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