Finding you

person searching

Emotions stumble

drunkenly towards the edge-



by what others think

floundering and falling down

left in disarray


on another day

you will find sunny smiles

when happiness speaks


love does that sometimes-

rolling turbulence today

still waters the next


while concealed depths

deceive the glassy surface

with images of joy


imagined or real-

they infect everyone else

especially you


shared feelings find

comfort for loneliness

when they recognize


the yearning you have-

a desperate emptiness

needing to drain out


before it becomes

like spreading cancerous cells

gnawing at your soul


you let down your guard

and invite all of them in-

the bliss and the hurt


passion’s pendulum

parades new colors each season-

no rhyme or reason


just the wild pursuit

the primeval quest to be

who you truly are.