You and I

dinner for two


I’ve hidden special trinkets for you

Along the journey we’ve travelled

Just you and I


I’ve retraced my footsteps

Always finding  you behind

When it was just- you and I


We walked upon mountain peaks

Basked in the glow of an ocean sun

Together- just you and I


In a world brimming with people,

Our music was the melody of nature’s sounds

A symphony playing – just for you and I


I’ve seen you come and go in confusion

As we balance our lives with illusion

Of a world – with just you and I


There’ve been times when you’ve been silent

I’ve known and understood the reason why

It was always about – just you and I


I follow the footpath again and I recall

The invitation for a dinner for two

Special requirements- for you and I


I’m hoping you’ll find all the trinkets

I’ve hidden especially for you

Down pathways-just for us two