Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
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Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.


One year today Yeah!! And thank you everyone out there who keep me coming back for more!! Β For me there is no party without music so here you go!




47 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

        1. Hey, hello, I’m on your page listening to new music for me:-) Oh today was more of a working day but I’m having fun. Just so you know, in my enthusiasm, I bought two blogs initially – first one was called Venusrise. Came under pressure from my family and just pressed delete – then just resurrected myself the next week on Chevvy’s studio. So here I am with some cool friends a year later:-) How are doing today?

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    1. Thanks you Lynn. When I visit your Blog, I am in awe of how you manage it. I have a small family and they complain about the time I spend so I still have to get the balance right:-)


        1. I only discovered The Moments recently – I guess that’s the value of Itunes and youtube.But definitely a Ray Goodman and Brown fan and can’t tell you how great it is to find someone to share this passion with and educate me too in the process. So it was nice to listen to more songs from the Moments.:-0

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