Sunday coming down

Well, it’s that time on a Sunday when we take the last round before preparing for the week ahead. In keeping with Mother’s day, this is for the ladies acknowledging you as mothers,wives,partners and women. Hope you are all having a great day and those in the North, you still have plenty of time to enjoy:




14 thoughts on “Sunday coming down

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you Chevvy!

    Such wonderful songs you have chosen. I will always love the Spinners version of Sadie. And I’m a huge fan of Gary Taylor. He’s another singer who doesn’t get enough love.

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    1. Thank you Tracy, I’ve had a great day – my family made it special. Well you know that I’m also a Phil Perry fan and I love his version of Sadie but this one definitely belongs to the Spinners. I had to pacify myself in my selection because I don’t think they make too many mothers like that anymore. So here’s to the rest of us who juggle motherhood amongst many other things and want to be celebrated anyway.
      Now you just amaze me – I should have guessed that you would like Gary Taylor. I just adore his music but whatever happened to him? I’ll definitely play him again. Thanks again for the wishes and the visit. Best. Chevvy

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      1. So glad you’ve had a great Mother’s Day!

        I’m not sure what happened to Gary Taylor. I loved his music so much, and I keep waiting to see if there is news of anything new coming out, but nothing as of yet. If I find out, I’ll definitely let you know. Until then, I have his albums to enjoy.

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  2. Love your selections, Chev. Last one was my favorite with that sexy sax! I was cleaning out my garage this weekend and found a little statue of a guy playing the sax–we’ve lived here > 20 years, so it must have been hidden there for a long time. It’s going in my Treasure Box. I also learned that a local coffee shop offers live lunchtime jazz on Wednesdays; gonna check it out. A happy Mother’s Day to you. πŸ™‚

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    1. ha!ha! – well, glad to know I have a positive influence on you across all those miles. I would agree with your choice, the sax on that song is magic and I think it’s such a sexy song in general. I will post a few more of my Gary Taylor favorites. Enjoy your week my dear πŸ™‚

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