A woman of substance

Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers out there and all women who nurture love of others in one form or another!

This is a tribute to my own mother who passed on five years ago.

painting of flowers

You walked me through the morals of life,

In the eyes of storms, we were drenched in rain.

I understood too late, the depth of your pain,

How you wanted me– to surmount your strife.


It’s taken a lifetime to know who you were,

To realise I needed – a mother such as you.

In your weaknesses,you made me strong!

In your solid strength, you made me whole.

In your struggles, you taught me  courage.

In your simplicity,you taught me humility.


In your pride, I was the tears of your joy.

In your silence, I learnt how to be heard.

In words left unsaid, I learnt how to listen.

In your wait for tomorrow, I seized the day!


On this special day – for all our mothers

I hope you are smiling, fondly down on me,

As I finally see in you – a woman of substance.


Hoping that one day – this will be said of me too.