It was always you


You came lookingI watched you

Searching in my draws trying to find my truth

Attempting to find my soul which I had hidden

Tucked among my words specially reserved

You wanted to know my secret love affair

Why I smiled –clearly,it wasn’t for you

What made me laugh if not you, then who?

How could you win my heart who was he?

I had left signs and traces that confused you

For you to find, sending you into a spiral

 My heart made of my butterfly wings

You failed to discover, you could not see

 It had already been taken, it was always you





This is  a Cleave poem. In simple terms, a Cleave poem can be read as three separate poems. The first poem is the regular typeface to be read vertically –the second poem is the part in italics and the third is the  whole poem read horizontally. For more information on this form: