Catching the sunlight


He tried to figure her out

but he was never good at Math

to get her full measure – neither an athlete…

Each time he thinks he’s caught her,

she’s lost him around the bend.


Still, his curiosity won’t let go.

If only she would slow down a little–

She’s a little too drunk on speed

and he’s still smoking weed–

It shows up in the words…


Words that illuminate and

eliminate clues to understanding.

How they’ll find each other

In this complex maze of mis–



So he stands peering–

through her window, it’s late,

too late to see into her room.

She watches him standing there,

wondering why he doesn’t come in.


Then one day she hears the door–

slowly opening – At last! she sighs–

finally, his light comes streaming in.

She’s no longer in orbit, he begins,

undressing her mystery to his delight!