Choose to be happy


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  1. Indeed! BTW, the photo you’ve selected shows one of our most popular festivals – Holi – a celebration of good over evil, generally falling in Feb-MAr, when people throw coloured powder or spray coloured water on each other (like the Thai Songkran). Great fun for kids! Do they have in places like Durban, I wonder, because it is played in Mauritius/Guyana/Trinidad?

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    1. Ah – you learn something new everyday. I wondered what Holi stood for. I will have to find out – I haven’t heard of it or seen it (the celebration I mean). But then you’ll know the history of our country – quite a potpourri of people and even within ethnic and cultural groups there are subgroups. I am myself a blend of diverse ethnic groups so never sure what my “culture” is 🙂

      I found the quote on who you hang out with quite interesting:-)

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