Poet’s Billow Challenge 30:Welcome my dear soul

To my readers who have followed me on this journey – Thank you! This is a journey I have enjoyed immensely, though it has been tough and gruelling in turning a poem out every day. It’s taken me to some interesting places both externally and internally and in many respects, I’ve learnt alot about myself and hopefully it’s engaged you to think about some of the topics. I have used some poetic licence in places. Those who haven’t read my challenges, they’re here whenever you find the time. My only cop-out was a topic on American politics where I substituted with my own topic.

The last challenge is to: write a poem that starts with an end and ends with a beginning.Enjoy and thank you for reading:

saying goodbye

The tear wells had dried

as we said our final goodbye.

No more uncontrollable sobs,

no more fumbling for tissues

Just us- walking away…


How could something so

fraught feel so right?

How could something so good

hurt so bad?

Would I ever be whole again?


Months rolled by

but the chasm of pain

was a gaping wound, bleeding

more profusely everyday.

In glimpses of you, I saw the same.


Two souls torn apart,

so many reminders of each other.

We’d always known this day would come

but the reality is not what you plan.

When you called, I learnt how to act.


But time is a healer, I do believe.

We still talk as very good friends.

You were always my confessor,

always knew how to make me laugh,

even when burning in your own hell.


Memories of you still locked away,

only you hold the key.

Funny how we travel the world

only to find,that love was right here

all this time.


Hello new world, the storm has passed.

I’m planting a new rose and calling it

Nouvel Armour!

And when I see you again, I’ll say:

bonjour ma chère âme!