Meet me on the moon



When I first saw you,

I could not have imagined

that smile in your eyes,

was all the foreplay needed

to satisfy me.


Your eyes spoke volumes

of the words you did not say,

which I always knew

because nothing else mattered

when you were with me.


Dreamy memories

of lovers’ music still plays

in my head, nights and days spent-

caught in your rapture,

you wanting sole rights to me.


Though we are apart,

we’ll always be, anchored

in soulful lyrics

of the music we played,

that told our love story.


Filled with the magic

of secret pleasures shared-

when we cried together

or shared laughter.

You still haunt my dreams.


It is no surprise

when you call – urged by need

to connect with me,

after I’d thought about you-

soul’s telepathy…


Meet me on the moon

Soon as you can…



10 thoughts on “Meet me on the moon

      1. I’m leaving later today. I am heading to the airport in a few hours. Thanks for asking.

        Yes, that song is very special. One of my favorites by her, among many. I can still hear it playing in my head after reading your poem.

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        1. I was teasing, didn’t think I’d see you on the blog. Well as that song plays in your head, think of the beautiful saxophone piece in there. My favorite line is always: “we’ll skywrite our love in the heavens forever” Anyway back to life- enjoy your trip:-)

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