Day 29 Poet’s Billow Challenge:Stairway to the light

The challenge for yesterday, 29th April only arrived this evening. This challenge asks that we give an account of a dream in our poem. I’m a great believer in dreams and the symbolism and messages they offer. I’ve had recurring dreams over the years about climbing up staircases and they’ve been dreams filled with menace and struggle. This poem captures the essence of a dream I had about two weeks ago. Enjoy!


How agile I felt!

Moving swiftly up the stairs,

silver, polished-

gleaming brightly, good as new-

to another floor.


Yet another still,

until the bright rooftop light

beamed on the floor,

spirits lifted, roaming free-

so unlike before.


No grim steel incline,

daunting and breathlessly steep,

no longer afraid-

looking up at distant hope,

a smile lit my face.


Then right before me,

She appeared! we both cringed…

almost took flight!

Choice imposed her will on us

fear dissipated…


A stranger appeared,

lavishly smiling at me.

Then I heard him say:

Move on, do not be afraid!

What relief I found-


In those words he said to me…