Day 28-Poet’s Billow Challenge: What’s in the news?

Today’s challenge : a rant or complaint about something .


Go softly with me tonight


my head aches with all this noise

of suicide bombs – explosions

that fill my head with shrapnel

rat-tat-tat of alms, images, arms

in tatters and mounds- wherever

all over, filled with surround- sound


Go gently with me tonight


my vision has become very blurred,

stop the many words, too many books

information overload, if you please-

stop that tweeting and scrolling

that deedle-de-dumbed down ringtone


Go carefully with me tonight


no more corpses left piled in heaps

no other hungry mouths left to feed

no further adulation of one human being

what about the rest who follow ourselves

no paparazzi flash-shooting our selfies

no platinum albums or lemonade to drink


Walk straight with me tonight


had enough of fake politicians’ lies

thinking we’re stupid and dumb

retorting in silent protest so that

the polls, won’t hear- what lies-

in our hearts, our bottomless soles

lost without the feet of our souls