Day 25-Poet’s Billow Challenge: Solving the puzzle

Today’s prompt is to try a mash-up of lines from  24 poems. Using the poems I’ve written this month, I’ve created  a new poem using a line from each poem. I’ve chosen to select the lines randomly and was left with about five words that I couldn’t place.



borrowed extended wings,

flashing, racing, sprinting, mounting,

to chase freedom

in all its forms,

on his canvas-confessional.


I recalled the princess and the toad…


I searched for you

the other half of my soul,


You knew-

It was not ever my intention,

but the scenery has changed,

significantly now.


Kindred spirits hold me captive in words

reminded me-

that pleasure can be found,

felt the floating feeling.

Nothing was impossible if we imagined it!

Take me out of my dark hiding place

to virtual worlds!


With tremulous lips, I touched your mouth

I savoured it, lingered over it.

Come closer,

feel the attraction

through that magical click of mind,

take my breath away!


Perhaps it is time-

to redeem ourselves.

How could we?


Stubbing my cigarette

I sigh-

I don’t think you’ve changed your view…

the mirror has two facesc’est la vie!