Day 24-Poet’s Billow challenge: I apologize…

Very aptly so – this challenge asks us to write a poem of apology.witch

I’m so sorry for being impolite-

for not eating all you dished out,

especially the decadent humble pie,

served frozen-cold on a paper plate.


I regret that you felt so shadowed-

when I stood up to my full height.

It was not ever my intention

to make you feel so infinitismal!


I’m ashamed of my awful behavior-

for trying to soothe and placate you,

when you were frothing at the mouth-

your rage- spluttering shamelessly out!


Oh how I must unreservedly repent-

for standing in your pathway,

blocking out your rose-colored view,

if only you could and would have seen it!


Above all I am  mournful as I weep-

when I think of the disassembling souls,

convulsively, trembling and shuddering,

when your tornado spirals violently in.