Feeling blue?

feeling blue

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14 thoughts on “Feeling blue?

  1. Not feeling blue… no, today I’m feeling kinda PUCE!
    Enjoy this Writerrific 1st person color piece written by my friend, Gordon:


    It’s not easy being puce. Some people don’t have any idea that I am a color, much less what shades and tints I am. I’m not just talking about color blind people either. Spell check machines get confused and change the C to a K. Talk about adding insult to injury. Don’t get me started about computers. The stupid one typing up this manuscript had a thesaurus that stated, “No results.”

    “Hey, I’m right here on your screen, Bozo.” I don’t know why the typist hasn’t traded this relic in years ago. Missing drivers, locks up . . . but I digress.

    The “All Reference Books” came up with “a brilliant purplish red color.” I am definitely brilliant, no question there, and I can’t argue with purplish red color, but only five words! I’m a lot more complicated than that.

    Google to the rescue—Not! Now I’m puce green and purplish brown, sometimes gray is mixed in.

    The Urban dictionary says “The ultimate annihilation. An infinite and immeasurable force, simular [sic] to that of the Mjölnir (Thor’s hammer), exerted upon an unsuspecting victim. It is said that to puce someone is to kill them 868 times over, totally destroying them physically and mentally.” Yeah, I’m about ready to puce someone, a bunch of someones right now.

    Panic attack. Identity crisis. Maybe I’ll have my own flag with variations of my color like the transsexuals have. I’ll call myself transprismical. Cool.

    No wonder Kermit didn’t choose me for his song.

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    1. Joan – I am laughing out loud – Lol is not good enough for this brilliant piece. Ok so I’m back in touch with my sense of humour doll. Thank you so much for this really cathartic moment – Better not puke now – who uses that colour anyway? 🙂

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      1. Gordon would be pleased. Personally, I think his was the best essay in the class, especially since he saddled himself with such an obscure color. Whenever you’re having a blue day, remember it could be worse–it could be PUCE! 🙂

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