Day 22- Poet’s Billow Challenge: Nature’s cinematography

As a tribute to Earth day and in honor of the earth, write a nature poem. I’ve chosen to draw from a small glimpse of my hiking experiences.

 Blyde River – South Africa : Chevvy8

The thudding of my heart

against the soundproof silence,

alone with each thought,

then, just breathing you in.


Entering a stretch of forest,

where the lighting of the sun-

beamed, as if stage-managed,

spotlights on verdant green.


A remote trickling, bubbling-

beneath rampant rambling,

of green celebrity carpets,

tree-shaded, in all shades.


Jungled tendrils, looping-

an acrobat’s rope, poised-

for a daring display to absorb me,

take my breath away!


Mist converging – in descent

until I’m wrapped and cuddled,

in my private whole new world,

the sheer isolation, crowding me.


As I emerge from paradise doors,

I look down from the mountain,

applauding set design and craft,

a mere slice of your production.


Why then would we choose

to hide behind shutters,

shunning the light in rebuff

of nature’s mysterious magic?


Dare we compete in creation-

automated,mechanical worlds,

artificial intelligence and robots

for the Oscar-nominated prize?