You put a move on my heart


It’s been a hectic day after the news and various blog posts on the sad occasion of Prince’s passing. One of the comments I’ve been making is how sad it is that we don’t celebrate some of these great artists while they are still here to receive our universal accolades.

Someone who I think belongs in this special hierarchy of artists in his multiplicity of talents and his being a kingmaker for so many other artists is 83 year old Quincy Jones. The closest I got to him was seeing him on stage at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland in 2012 – the greatest birthday present I could wish for. The Montreux Jazz festival started by Claude Nobs in 1967, is celebrating its 5oth anniversary this year in July and long time collaborator on the hosting of this event – Quincy Jones, will be officiating it. In my view, Quincy is not only a great star in his own right but also an evangelist for Music and other world class musicians, including the late great Michael Jackson. He has written, performed, produced and directed too many songs to mention here.

In this post, I’d like to share a few of my favourite songs written by Quincy Jones. Some of them are sad, some oh so sexy ! and others – serious commentary on our world and life. You might not even know that they were written by Quincy. I hope you enjoy my selection and if you are a Quincy Jones fan, feel free to add a link on my blog to your favourite song.

I’m hoping that somewhere out there – are musicians and fans who want to see the sprouting of new icons – the kind whose music remains timeless even 30 years from now. So, let’s make some noise for this beautiful poetry in the music!!!