Day 18-The Poet’s Billow Challenge: Changing Scenery

For today’s prompt, write a work poem. What’s your typical Monday look like at the office? What’s your dream job? Maybe write a list poem about the contents of your briefcase or toolbox. Are you a stay-at-home parent? What’s that look and smell like? Use the senses and specific diction to bring your job and work to life. This is my take !


Just one experience and I swiftly knew

I couldn’t sit in an office without a view


What exhilaration I felt, speeding along

On open highways, tapping to my favorite song


The adrenalin rush of a crowded space

The excitement and anticipation on every face


As I stood at the podium to announce the line up

Everyone hoping that they’d take the winner’s cup


Then the aftermath, conversations, hugs and cheers

Another chalk up to one of those good years


The scenery has changed significantly now

I have more liberty to the who, what and how


After all these years of answering to a boss

I have no regrets, more feeling of triumph than loss


Now I get to listen to the song of the birds

Get lost in the meaning of the most creative words


Less need to suffer the dreaded Monday blues

In the work that I do and- who? I get to choose


Still get around to the tall glass buildings

Large reception space and lofty ceilings


The realm of power houses and famous brands,

Or driving through small towns and farmlands


I now love to choose from a repertoire of skills

Which ones to use to earn enough to pay the bills


Best of all, is spending more time in the sunshine

Enjoying the fact that the smell of freedom is mine


I know that it won’t always be that smooth and easy

But hoping I only do the things that truly please me