Day 17 – The Poet’s Billow Challenge: The letter

For today’s poem, we’ve been challenged to  write an epistolary poem, or a letter poem. An epistolary poem can come in any form and be about any matter. I have chosen to write a fictional letter to myself to be opened on my 70th birthday. I chose a letter format for this reflective piece.


My Dearest Chev


If you are reading this letter, it means that you have reached

your 70th birthday and since my instructions were clear,

this should be your first birthday wish for the day. I hope

your children are throwing a big birthday bash for you.


That was always one of your gripes – that everyone forgot

about your birthday after you turned one because of that terrible incident

at your 1st birthday party. I know you made up for it  in how you  raised

your family but still – this is an incredible milestone for you.


 Enough of the chit chat – I really wanted this letter to serve as a 

 reflection of your life since I last saw you so many years ago. Did you ever go on

that Santiago trail to Spain? If you did was it good for you? Did you find what you had

 been searching for all your life? Or did you return home and find that what  

you had been looking for had been right there in front of you all the time?


What about your great dream – to make your life count, to make a 

 contribution to the world? I know how hard you had already worked

 when I last met you. But you were never satisfied were you? You had been

 fascinated by those epic dreams – always convinced that your visit to Egypt

and St Etienne du Mont were signs that you needed to save the world.

 Did you my dear?


What about your family? Are your children doing well? I always thought

 your little one was just like you. I remember how she dressed in your clothes

 and she loved your stiletto heels, your sunglasses, your perfume.

 Did you both get over that terrible fight you had  when she complained that you

were always working?


Oh I have so many questions to ask. Did you meet your dear friend

on the Hudson river, did you Salsa dance in Mexico? What about

Timesquare? You always said that you wanted to see in the new year

with your family amidst the throngs of Time square. Did you ever

get to dance on the table again? You said you were done with fast cars,

did you downscale for something smaller?


But you know the question I’m dying to ask. Did you eventually meet

him – the one you talked about in all our conversations, the one you said

felt like the other half of your soul, the missing jigsaw piece, the one

who broke your heart and stole it back again?  Did you find that magic

you were so sure was out there if you just followed the signs? And….

Was it all you had dreamt of ? Did the reality match the fantasy? Oh

my dear, it seldom does,but if you found it, I hope you soaked  up the

adventure as you always did in all other things.


I must say goodbye now. Before I do though, I wanted to remind you to open

your treasure box that you filled with all your prized keepsakes over the years.

All the reminders of so many blessings you’ve had in your life and to

give thanks to the greatest artist of all time for making you the

special work of art that I know you still are. Your gratitude may just

earn you another 20 years. But even if it doesn’t, I have no doubt that

in your remaining years, the best is yet to come!


Happy Birthday my dear and above all – let peace abide in that restless

soul of yours…..


Kindest regards