My greatest inspiration

I was listening to the late Teddy Pendergrass last night and thought I’d share it with those in the mood for this great love song to make your day. Enjoy:


16 thoughts on “My greatest inspiration

    1. Hello Tracy. I’m glad you liked it. Teddy belongs to my “cassette days” as Lionel Richie would say. In terms of male artists, I think he’d make my top 10 list in terms of sexy voice:-) Can think of a time when everybody swooned when Turn out the lights played. Top of the morning to you. 😀

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        1. Ha!Ha!, okay so since you’re getting to know my taste who else do you think should be there? I suspect it might have to be longer than 10 but I’m thinking already that I’d add Barry White, Don’t know if you know Miles Jaye and then a bit of a different voice – the lead singer of Whispers (you’ll know) and I love how Phil Perry hits the high notes. And since I do believe in diversity, look up and listen to I’ll come to you by Pete Belasco – the album is called Deeper. Man, I have to think about this, probably will have 20 on the list and whittle it down. Can see there will be a tussle for first place. I’d like to hear your recommendations:-)

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          1. Well, let’s see-from the top down, Barry White would be a good choice. I’ve heard of Miles Jaye, so he would be good. Wallace “Scotty” Scott does most of the leads for the Whispers, I think and Phil Perry is always good. I actually have a copy of Deeper, so I’m very familiar with Pete Belasco and his “I’ll Come To You” also. Not sure who else to add; you seem to like the deep baritones a bit more than the high tenors. I’m sure Luther will have a place, or I think he will. Off the top of my head, I suppose that Marvin Gaye should be in there somewhere too…I’ll have to put on my thinking cap for more people! 🙂

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            1. Yes Scotty Scott is his name. I like a combination I guess. It includes Baritone and tenor. I guess sexy is relative but hey this is not homework, just me having fun. Marvin Gaye for sure !

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