The nearness of you- all of you

Those of you having fun with me on this page,here’s my playlist for today. So which version takes it all? All of you – I’ll tell you what I think later πŸ’“πŸ’–





8 thoughts on “The nearness of you- all of you

    1. Well firstly, I think it’s time to formally introduce my commentors to each other. Joan -please met T.Wayne and Tracy – please meet Joan. I’m seeing a happy convergence in your thinking about what makes good music. I have all these versions on my IPOD because I like all three but your reasons are my reasons for why I would choose Will. I think that man has a drop dead gorgeous voice to woo a woman’s heart. Lovely having your views as always Joan. Best. Chevvy

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  1. It’s hard to go against Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, but I’m gonna go with Will Downing and Gerald Albright. And that’s where I’m putting my money as to your choice too. (not really a gambler though)…

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    1. Well how much do I owe you for the gamble because you are right:-) Please read my comment to Joan because I’d like to introduce you to each other on my page. So I won’t repeat what I said about Will. But I will say that while I was cooking dinner yesterday, I was listening to an Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong collection and everyone in my family were enjoying it. My older daughter who is doing studying game design said it reminded her of some of her game music. When I listen to that trumpet it presses a nostalgic button that feels quite emotional. I must have been a babe when my parents played that music so it turns something deep inside. But yeah – Will is my man here:-)

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      1. Yes, Will has a great voice! I absolutely love it. While I discovered Ella and Louis doing those duets long after I had grown up, I can appreciate the greatness of both of them together. But I’ve been hanging with Will from the beginning.

        And thanks for introducing me to Joan! As far as what you owe, the music alone is payment enough πŸ™‚

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