Day 4 of the challenge from the Poet’s Billow : The prompt for today is to write a poem including the words Bread,Butter and Milk. Enjoy!


I need you,

but you knew that already.

You are the bread that sustains me,

inspiring me with a solid reason,

the base on which I stack my fancy’s filling,

daily nourishment for my creative soul.


I searched for you.

Then I found you after tossing the clutter,

melted like butter at the first sight of you,

now necessary to my everyday,

that glue that keeps me together,

spreading through each waking thought.


Oh how I yearned for you!

You were the missing  jigsaw piece,

the milk that now flows through my veins,

warming the cockles of my heart,

flowing fluidly through the channels

of love that draws me to you.