Our first time together

Day 2 of the challenge from The Poet’s Billow asks that we take on the persona of being the first one to do something. I’ve chosen being the first one ever to play the saxophone. If I could play an instrument this is what I would like to play.

sax 1

Over six hundred component parts

United in perfection’s art and craft

To this glorious day,

When I am the first one to play

This magnificent piece of satin gold


With tremulous lips, I touch your mouth

For the first time, breathing deep

As I curl my hand around your neck

Determined by the the end of this night

To make you mine.


I close my eyes, purse my lips

And make a few false starts

Then you give me the keys to your heart

Return my kiss with your fire

Rising from bass note, higher and higher


We’re both going places

We’ve never been before

First a vibrato taken to highest pitch

Then a tremolo trilling and thrilling

Every part of you.


The crowd has gone mad

As they rise to their feet

We’ve reached the crescendo,

The ultimate high note

The finest pitch hangs eternally in the air


My fine tenor, I declare my love

You’re the finest instrument sent from above