You’ve learnt how to play me

I thought I was done posting for the day but then I came across a Cleave poem written by Janice at

I liked her first attempt and thought I would give it a try for fun.

The form is unusual. In the end it comprises of three poems in one . I’ve italicised the first one while the second is in bold. Read each separately,then then the  “cleaved” together poem as a whole.  According to Janice, ” in moments of genius, skill, or luck, a writer will manage to ‘cleave’ two contrasting poems.” Not sure how I fared in this regard – you be the judge. This was for fun remember 😃 So here we go:


I’m a pawn on your chessboard

To use as you please. I am your queen,

Move me, but beware of the power I wield

Woo me, if you must. I see you’ve learnt my tricks,

Just realize though, I too have wanderlust,

I am easily smitten, though not beaten,

By knights in shining armour at first sight.

I admire your sharp mind, I will take sheer delight

In how you figure me out when you checkmate me

I’ll accept defeat and you’ll become my king.



If you’d like to try this out you can also visit:

Poet’s Corner has posted a link to the Cleave Poetry Webzinewhich gives the background to the form by its originator.