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I’m of the view that travelling to other places even within your own country is part of broadening the sometimes narrow perspectives through which we look at life. Unfortunately, it can be a costly and time consuming exercise. I follow a number of travel blogs and photographers and my observation is that most travellers are very young and unhindered by many responsibilities. The balance of us dream of travelling one day when we retire. The rest of us are caught up with raising children and paying mortgage bonds. Caught in that trap myself, it was therefore a very spontaneous and perhaps reckless decision when we decided that we would throw caution to the wind and just book the trips as alternatives to throwing birthday bashes.

Apart from just going after the travel experience, these trips were also very much a part of our journey in life itself – Come along…

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5 thoughts on “Travel with Purpose

  1. It is interesting that if we post dream locations to visit, we might end up meeting people who either live there or who have travelled to those places. For me, the only barrier to travel is my dislike for sightseeing. I want to do something purposeful while I’m in a country and sort of miss the hotspots. It is true that the luxury of time to travel is something that many people dream of. For me, purpose is the most important luxury of all.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and your comments. Yes, fortunately, our abiIity to interact this way does enrich the armchair travel experience.
      I think the greatest lesson I’ve learnt from my travels have been about myself and my own journey in life and that comes from the whole experience of engaging with other nation’s cultures, experiences and pitting it against your own. On sightseeing, I find myself in awe of history and the magic of our creation, walking in the footsteps of so many spirits of our ages. Yes – finding purpose is indeed the greatest luxury 🙂

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      1. I’m introverted so being among a large crowd is intimidating. I imagine that most of the places I want to visit will be crowded. Like, the Pompeii ruins. Have a great Thursday. xo

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