The screening role

ipad scroll


You’ve screened me just to be sure,

then you tap me, scroll through me.

Sometimes you pause and ponder,

amazed and caught up in wonder.

Other times you carelessly pass me by,

or send me a noncommittal emoji smile.


So I should not complain when I too,

plead guilty to doing the same thing,

revelling in the miracle of instant messaging.

I could record my voice on sound cloud

or send my picture on instagram,even post

my selfie of how I want you to see me.


But see, here’s the thing – you’ll never

hear the natural acoustics of my voice,

or feel the satin warmth of my tanned skin

and you’ll never see my dark eyes crinkle,

when I throw my head back with laughter,

Nor will you see my flickering turned-on switch.


I’ll never know through your witty quips,

if it is the truth that comes from your lips,

or whether your heart beats just as fast

as mine, when I see my screen light up.

But there is merit in following imagination,

a place for recreation of who we want to be.




4 thoughts on “The screening role

  1. A whole lot of truth here… how much is missed by our sophisticated methods of communication. And the glory of being your real, true self in a world where, nowadays, you can pass yourself off as anybody/anything you want. 🙂

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    1. You got me exactly:-) I think there is so much more one can say on this topic. In most cases I think we reveal more about ourselves than we might do with friends and family. Then again we may go the opposite way. Either way, a fascinating topic I think:-)

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