The duck

Source: http://www.daily

No, not the one with feathers

Or the one that can’t fly,

But the one who is elusive,

Always trying to get away

No matter how hard I try.


No, not the one with webbed feet

Who waddles around the lake,

But that delirious feeling that evades

My grasp each time I settle my heart,

Ready to give it completely away.


Yes, there is a similarity to the duck

When it glides through the water,

Sending ripples all the way around,

Just as you did when you came by

Leaving me trembling, wanting.


Yes, I see the resemblance to the quack

The imposter professing what he could not be.

I, the fool, believing he was in love with me,

Only to find he had lost himself in the reeds,

Stringing me along, then giving me the duck.