Only you

painting 1

If I could paint,

I would wash the background

with all my tears of wasted years,

blend the dark with pastel shades,

the beginning

of new love I had found.


Then with brilliant colors,

foreground with flourish,

flashes and flush,

with dazzling diamonds,

of the golden years

I’m longing to spend

with only you.




15 thoughts on “Only you

            1. Pardon me, I catch people like that all the time:-) I’m also reading at the same time. That’s where I picked up the quote. The image of the wood reaching out to the flames – Somehow I think most of us look at it the other way. What communion he paints of a burning fire!
              Yes please write some more and paint!

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    1. OMG – I see I’ve been here before just didn’t recall. Reading it again -it is so powerful and indeed a masterpiece. Dare I say it – synchronicity – you know that word well:-)

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