Do you have the courage?

painting 101

Do you have the courage

to follow the rushes and the gushes

of your river’s meandering flow,

wherever it may lead or find you,

through perilous, peaked terrain

or unpredictable adventure?


Will you vault and lug yourself

up steep inclining mountains,

stoop to drink from its cool spring-fountains?

Will you share your secret passions

on your sojourn with a fellow traveler,

as you warm your hearts by the fire of mystery?

Will you strive to make unforgettable history?


Can you keep your flame raging

through the dark witching hour?

Will you pledge to die for love

or will you be brave to live for it instead?

And near your journey’s end ,will you

with honor defend,the chronicles of your life,

tales of peace, love, joy and strife?


And if you should ever fall short

of reaching for your dream,

can you admit defeat?

Will you have the courage?