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I just loved this poem and thought it worth sharing. Please visit Dead Bluebird whom I’ve just met. Chevvy

Dead Bluebird

Reality is shaped in diverse ways
It is a clear crystal river
with a grassy sloping bank

A silent cobra
with swirling depths

It streams over stones
and curls around trees

My tiny brief flicker,
Cup your tenderfoot hands
and take a draft from the water
Drown in your spirit
To where paradise lay
In an old companion’s arms
Or in a tent, near an old noisy festival
Can you see me?

I was taught of the streaming river
where wild flowers grow
by a spellbinding muse
i still see her through time

she floats far above
and we live far apart
but she never changes
And though time ticks away
And still time, it wears on
I trust her with all my secrets
and she tells me her darkest desires
we talk about death
and other fantasies

You should come on down
we float between untouched places
in a…

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