Let synchronicity find you

red door

I often wonder what it was

that brought you my way.

What supreme force divined

or obstructed your path

or accelerated the time

that led you to my door?


A moment of boredom,

a delayed appointment,

a search for a special word?

Was it something I said ?

Did my longing resonate

with yours suppressed?


Perhaps it was a prayer

I spoke into the universe

that was caught by the wind,

or swept through the tide,

or flickered in the same star

that we were both looking at.


Was it necessary to err a little,

to lose my way for you to find me?

Did I hear your lament

for something more, in your quest

for new sweeping landscapes

with panoramic views?


Perhaps ours is just to let it be:

that far greater plan for you and me.